looking for a roadmap to level-up your business growth?

In this game-changing book, you’ll learn:

  • The value of hiring employees (and why you are resistant)

  • How to stop spending so much time working in the business and start working on the business

  • Why it seems as though your personal time is so limited

  • What systems you’ve implemented that might actually be putting your business at risk

  • The key behaviour that’s keeping you stuck on the treadmill

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About the author.

Mark Calleja is the Trusted Authority on Breaking Through the 7-Figure Plateau, specialising in helping small- to medium-business owners gain clarity and control in their business in order to reach their financial goals.

Mark brings a wealth of personal and professional experience to the table in helping his clients discover and implement the mindset changes required to grow their businesses, activate their creativity and achieve work-life balance. His direct knowledge of and experience with the problems small- to medium-sized business owners face has generated real success with his clients, helping them get off the treadmill of busywork and enjoy their lives.

Through his own mastery of running a small business and maintaining a fulfilled and active personal and family life, Mark highlights the value of achieving work-life balance. He provides a much-needed and refreshing emphasis on this balance in a world that all too often seeks to glorify overworking

Mark Calleja

I love the practical tips and examples in this book. As a Digital Marketing Consultant, I felt like the growth of my business is entirely on my shoulders... Mark shares some great tactics on how to easily expand while freeing my time up.

Andrea Vella on ‘The 7-Figure Plateau’

why this book

With over 30 years experience in the accounting industry and specialising in small to medium-sized businesses, Mark Calleja wrote this book upon the suggestion of one of this clients. After a set of advisory sessions with Mark that transformed his business, this client said “Mark, with what you have done with me, you should write a book about it, because this could help so many people”.

Even as an accountant, when starting his own business, Mark admits he fell into the same trap as many small to medium-sized business owners do. “They get on the treadmill, chasing that next dollar, working more than a 70 hour week, and losing out on the life they were trying to achieve when they went into business in the first place. Ironically, the business of doing business, winds up occupying so much of their time that they never actually plan for the future of the business.”

This simple recognition (along with the support of his own mentor) was the basis to Mark’s own self awareness, growth and success. From here he has developed successful tactics and strategies for growth, work life balance and self reflection, that he has shared throughout ‘The 7-Figure Plateau’ Book.

My purpose for writing this book…

“To gift back and assist as many small to medium sized business owners as possible reach their financial potential, all while maintaining balance & peace of mind.”

Mark Calleja

“ As a business owner that started in January 2020, just before Covid-19, having read his book and working with Mark to bounce ideas, someone who has been there and done that has been invaluable. Whether you’re an experienced business owner or just starting out, The 7-Figure Plateau will provide you with ideas and inspiration to implement in your day to day business and take it to another level.”

Tim Asad on ‘The 7-Figure Plateau’

need more?

In this game-changing book, you’ll also learn:

  • How you can get clarity for you and your business to ensure that you can create the changes you want to make

  • How to remove yourself from the day to day grind of working in your business to working on your business (within the 40 hours working  week you once did as an employee)

  • Operate your business as the CEO of a large multinational company

  • Run a successful team

  • Not worry about where that next dollar is coming from